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Jasmine Washington Apologizes To Rasheeda For Sleeping With Her Husband!

ABOUT DAMN TIME! Hopefully she’ll start a trend!


If you’ve been tuned into the new season of Love & Hip Hop ATL, then you’ve met Jasmine Washington. Jasmine is the former dancer who was sleeping with Kirk Frost [the husband of Rasheeda]; and during their affair Kirk got Jasmine pregnant. So basically ALL season [thus far] Jasmine has been trying to prove to the world that Kirk is the father of her baby boy. And we weren’t HUGE fans of Rasheeda prior to this season, however our heart couldn’t help but to feel bad for her.

And now……. Jasmine is speaking out about the entire ordeal! She even admits that Rasheeda owed an apology from her!


Via TheJasmineBrand.com, Jasmine W says:

“I was just being young and dumb… Looking back on it, I can say, would I ever do that again? Hell NO. It was just one of those mistakes that I wish I would have never made.”

She goes on to say:

“Rasheeda has been given a lot of information and she’s made her choice on camera it appears that she’s upset…But it’s pretty much been told to me that she’s not going anywhere… I think she knows it’s his son. I feel like I owe Rasheeda the biggest apology ever and I have tried to reach out to her because I feel like maybe I’ve done it wrong. I feel like maybe I should have went to her in the first place and sat down and talked to her.”

Ya, think?! 

Jasmine is involved in another situation on the show as well involving her boyfriend Rod, and their [collective] girlfriend. And as soon as their storyline appeared, MANY began to question if it was true OR just another one of Mona’s plots. Jasmine has spoken on the validity of her appearance on the show as well, going into detail about the nature and she and Kirk’s relationship AND how he didn’t want to get rid of the baby. She claims that his exact words were:

“We don’t kill no babies over here.”

Rasheeda is SOOOOO beautiful, and deserves so much more than what this a**hole is offering!

And as far as Jasmine’s apology….. *rolls eyes* Well, we’ll just leave that RIGHT HERE!

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