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Joe Budden Says, “I’m About To Be THAT Dad!” [Congrats]

Over the weekend, Joe Budden and Cyn Santana welcomed their first child together, a healthy baby boy.

This is Joe’s second son, while this is Santana’s first child!

The couple rejoiced by posting multiple pictures to BOTH Instagram & Twitter, while also sharing words of LOVE and APPRECIATION toward one another. And yesterday, Joe didn’t shy away from stating that he’s not opposed to being “that dad”……. [alluding to how Khaled is with Asahd].

In the post he wrote:

“Yes I’m about to be THAT dad & I don’t wanna hear SHIT from y’all about it cuz we all love Khaled!!!! [laughing emoji]”

So Cute! 

We are happy for Joe and Cyn, hopefully we’ll get a wedding from the couple soon! They mesh so well together!

Check out a few ‘weekend’ post below!

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