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Let’s “Strike A Match!” [FASHION]

Lifestyle Contributor: Shanique Bond [ @dopemynd ]

Let’s talk ‘flashing’ and catching people’s attention with YOUR matches in fashion!

Style is something that people love to coordinate with because it seems like the safest way to dress. But, the trick is to also make yourself look stylish by wearing pieces that you consciously know don’t match.

Let’s Talk Matching!

No, you don’t have to match all the time and better yet, you don’t have to SLAY! You can be as simple or drastic as you like, just as long as you’re comfortable with your own type of ‘slayage.’ We’ve learned that the importance of style is to not only feel comfort, but to live on the edge a little and change zones.

Who said matching was the way of fashion anywho?

It just happened that way because people were to scared to show originality. Of course, it was the era before Ty Hunter and June Ambrose! And ironically enough, mix-matching now is a designers best quality.

It’s time to start striking matches before we start striking poses. Our days of matching doesn’t have to duplicate from head to toe. Once you can strut in a mismatch outfit, then you have lit YOUR match!

So I’m asking, have you lit your match in fashion?

If so, I encourage you to post a picture on IG using the hashtag #strikeamatch


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