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Let’s Talk About It: TEEN SUICIDE!

before you talk, LISTEN. before you read, THINK. before you criticize, WAIT. before you pray, FORGIVE. before you quit, TRY.

It’s been reported that every “18”¬†minutes someone in the U.S. dies by suicide, with a large percentage being teens! Some accidental and others purposefully.

And are we the only ones who want to disconnect from ALL social platforms lately due to the overwhelming rate of deaths we’re witnessing via the infamous ‘LIVE.’

Even though we know that ‘suicide’ has been an issue for decades, social media FORCES us to realize how frequently it occurs and quite frankly its heart-wrenching!!!

Just two weeks ago while playing with a gun in his room, 13 year old Malachi Hemphill accidentally killed himself on Instagram LIVE. Crazy Right?! [Click HERE]

Fast forward to this week, the story of Ohio teens Mercedes Smith [18] and her boyfriend, Markeice Brown [17] broke the hearts of MANY around the world!!! And honestly has people questioning where we’re going wrong as a society with our young people! Why does it seem like their first resort is death?!

For the uninformed….

On April 20th Mercedes was found unresponsive in her dorm room at Lindsey Wilson College, of an apparent suicide! And just TWO days later, her boyfriend Markeice decided to take his own life amid rumors that he was the cause of her fatality.

To make matters worse, Mercedes was ‘allegedly’ pregnant by Markeice at the time of her death!

Prior to his death, Markeice took to Facebook LIVE with a video for his family and friends. He wanted to tell everyone why he’d decided to take his life, and confess his love for Mercedes. While watching the video we couldn’t help but to notice how he kept stating:

“I just can’t take it anymore. I just want to be around love y’all.”

Markeice told he mother, sisters, brothers, and closest friends that he loved them before ending with:

“That’s all I want to be. I love y’all. I’m out.”

And then our hearts crumbled as the next piece of news we received came with the tragic words,


Our founder, Kierra stated that she watched the video at least 3 times, crying a little more during each play back. She said she’d wonder, WHY? How? What Happened? Where did the disconnect come in?

All questions that are too late for answers! At least from Markeice, Mercedes, and even Malachi [who believed that he had to become something he wasn’t in order to impress others].

And here’s what’s sickening, can you believe that while people are begging and pleading with Markeice not to kill himself, you still had those badgers in the comment section speaking negative. Some even egging him on to ‘go for it,’ claiming that he wasn’t serious. Sickening, Right?!

Yes, there are hotlines and prevention centers all around the globe whose main focus is to intervene into situation like this PRIOR to a fatality. WE GET IT!

But we also can’t help but to think that there MUST be another way!

Something BEYOND going into the schools and talking to a class! Something beyond lecturing the kids on what’s appropriate versus what’s not! Something way beyond judging them if they don’t take the directions we’ve chosen to give to them!


And not only help, but to bring awareness to situations as such.

  • Markeice couldn’t talk to his friends and family about the rumors and/or death of his girlfriend. But could he have spoken with a male mentor who may have taken him to seek professional help immediately. Someone who could’ve stayed by his side around the clock, until he was able to move forward.
  • Mercedes couldn’t talk to her parents, Markeice, friends, etc…. but what about her MENTOR. Who probably could have filled that void she was feeling in life.
  • Malachi couldn’t talk to his family, but what about that mentor who could’ve talked to him about society’s perception of what is “cool” versus reality.

Not saying that having a mentor will SOLVE ‘teen suicides,’ but can we start brainstorming ideas to put into action! It’s hard enough that we’re killing one another, or dying from deadly diseases that are beyond us! Let’s try to prevent suicides because,

It doesn’t take away the pain, instead it just gives it to someone else. Someone who you believed didn’t care, but REALLY DID!

Shoutout to our fellow media girl Lush of “Lush Radio Online” whose hosting a forum TONIGHT at 6:30pm. “Let’s Talk Teen Suicide: 13 Reasons Why?” I’m encouraging EVERYONE to call in (213) 943-3705.





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