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LHHATL’S Karen King Jailed After Missed Maserati Payments! [VIDEO]

Yesterday, LHHATL star Karen King arrived in court to deal with her current “identity fraud” case, however she was arrested on something completely different!

When Ms. King entered the court room, she was arrested and taken into custody for a few hours due to her failure to make payments on a Maserati which led to a judge signing off on her warrant in October 2016! Karen has been M.I.A. until now….

Upon her release, Karen took to social media with a message surrounding the incident [See the video above]

According to Karen:

“All I can do is keep slapping the shit out of the devil, my bail was $500 on a $90,000 car cause it’s bullshit and if that Atlanta fine cars is listening you people are going down not me; with all those bullshit ass games y’all play down there. My paper work is in order so leave me alone.”

We just have one thing to say:

You must make sure that your ‘backyard’ is clean BEFORE you try to clean up someone else’s.

We’ll keep you guys posted!

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