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‘Life Of A Bombshell’ Cosmetics Aims To Redefine The Definition Of “Beauty”

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is BEAUTIFUL.” -Sophia Loren

Kyshira Moffett, CEO of Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics & thisisHERmovement.com has announced that on FRIDAY, April 7th she plans to OFFICIALLY launch the beauty line.

According to Moffett:

“As a brand strategist for the last four years, I have learned how important image is to your personal brand. Whether you’re pursing a corporate career or building your empire, looking the part is equally important. However, I wanted to create a company that would allow bombshells everywhere to look and feel good without sacrificing their bank account.”

Looking good, while on a BUDGET?! Every woman’s dream! And also the reason why cosmetics lines such as NYX have quickly taken over the scene. We’ve realized that people just aren’t willing to spend $50 for a liquid foundation that may only last them 2-3 weeks. But we hear that ‘Life Of A Bombshell’ will fill that void!

On Friday, the e-commerce retailer will launch products such as lipstick [six colors], liquid matte lip glosses [8 colors], AND 7 makeup bags with slogans aimed to encourage a ‘NICE BEAT’ [beauty slang for stunning makeup].

Similar to Kyshira we believe that NO AMOUNT of makeup is too much; and furthermore, if it makes you feel beautiful according to YOUR standards then wear it. But if you’re going to wear it:

  1. Wear the best!
  2. Understand that you don’t have to go broke doing so!

We’re EXCITED for this launch and the future of ‘Life of a Bombshell’ Cosmetic line!

Speaking of the future, we also hear that Kyshira’s already working on the brand’s expansion which will include eyeshadow palettes, makeup brush, highlight, etc….

She’s definitely a woman on a mission to take GLAM to an entirely different level!

For more information on ‘Life Of A Bombshell’ Cosmetics line and launch, please visit: www.lifeofabombshell.com and follow @lifeofabombshell on Instagram.




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