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[Lifestyle] As A Man, Is It EVER Okay To Ask For Spousal Support?!


a legal obligation on the person to provide financial support to their spouse before or after separation, or divorce for a ordered period of time.

Divorce has become a trending topic in recent celebrity news!

And with this news comes the issue of ‘prenuptial agreements,’  along with whether or not it was apart of the original package. Thankfully for most, the answer is YES!

Celebrities like comedian Mike Epps have complained that his ex-wife Mechelle Epps shouldn’t be allowed to ask for $109K per month in support, especially when her request seem to be rapidly dragging him into the ‘poor house.’ But more recently is the decision handed down to singer Mary J. Blige; she was ordered to pay her now estranged husband Kendu Isaacs $30,000 per month is spousal support.

Now it’s no where near the almost $200k he’d requested, however HE CHEATED! And in fact, he’s still with the woman that he left the legendary singer for, YET she has to maintain the lifestyle that he was accustomed to!

We call BULL-CRAP!

Is it wrong for us to believe in the notion that TRUE men are built ‘differently.’ So much so, that they feel quite uncomfortable asking a woman for ‘support’ [whether in a relationship or not]. Is true chivalry really dead? Do these men not care anymore? Must we create a term for the ‘male’ version of a GOLD-DIGGER? 

Seriously, we’re confused!

Nonetheless one things clear, all older morals etc…. seemed to have gone out of the window because guys are depending MORE on the financial aid of a woman! [Side-note: Then they wonder why these young men are so misguided!]

Here’s our take:

Kendu claims to have been one of the main reasons behind Mary’s fame for the past few years. In fact, he referred to himself as the “brains.” Okay Mr. Brains…… what we’d suggest you do is use those same brain cells to generate future income for yourself and not depend on a woman to supply the financial backing for you. ESPECIALLY a woman whom you claim to have no interest in anymore!

But hey, that’s just us! What are your thoughts? Do you think less of a man who requests spousal support? Or any sort of financial support from a woman?


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