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[Lifestyle] “BEAUTY’s That Ish!”

Lifestyle Contributor: Shanique Bond [ @dopemynd ]

IT’S EVERYWHERE! Beauty that is, and it ain’t NEVER going anywhere!

Let me share some knowledge and/or ‘rule of thumb’ about beauty. It’s the unique qualities of a person that could never be stripped.

Not what you thought right?!

Let me also give you a tip, your beauty lies from within and has no limitations. So never hesitate to represent all angles of your beauty. Frankly put, “FLAUNT THAT SHIT.”

Actress/supermodel Grace Jones was known for her sassy attitude, chocolate skin, and fierce poses of nudity! She’s 360 degrees of beauty. Her unique look and strut of confidence continues to make everyone turn their heads. “SHE BOSSED THAT SHIT!”

Insecurities?! Toss that shit! Define what makes you elegant and present it with confidence and allure. Conquer your flaws and proceed with the faith knowing that you are beautiful and inside and out!

Beauty will never go out of style!

Bags under your eyes? Conceal that shit! Stretch marks on the booty? Reveal that shit! At the end of the day, you’re still IT!!!!!

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