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[Lifestyle] Check Out My Summer Bucket List….. #YOLO

Written Personally By: KierraM

buck-et list

noun informal

: a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime

According to the definition the items on your ‘bucket list’ should be LIFETIME achievements, but I’m not asking you guys to think that far. It’s the end of May 2017, chapter 5 of 12, and the beginning of consistently warm weather. So instead of simply working ALL DAY and/or staying in the house, GET OUT and enjoy yourself. Step outside of your normal box, and do things that you wouldn’t do!

Simply put:


And not only CREATE the list, but make it a priority to achieve everything that you’ve put on it!


Here’s the thing, I’m not suggesting a specific numerical amount, all I ask is that you place no less than three [3] things on the list. As a single mom I completely understand how life can get crazy. But I challenge you to really try to enjoy YOU this summer.

For starters, I’ve decided to take my own advice and create a bucket list of five [5] things I aim to accomplish between May-August 2017. And I’m putting it on my website so that you guys can hold me ‘accountable’ throughout the summer!!!

So, YES! You can call me out if you don’t see me making progress!


Kierra M’s Summer 2017 ‘Bucket List’

  1. Enjoy the sunset on a porch. [3x]
  2. Visit a REAL vineyard.
  3. Write my first book.
  4. Enjoy a FULL day at the beach with my daughter [including picnic].
  5. Go on a date. [Side note: I’m just starting to date after 3 years and it’s pretty interesting! Things have definitely changed]

See, my list isn’t too bad! Right?!

Now it’s your turn! Create a bucket list!

The Summer Is YOURS!!!!!

We only get a FULL three [3] months of it, so enjoy!

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