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[Lifestyle] Cover Me AWKWARD!

Written By Lifestyle Contributor: Shanique Bond [ @dopemynd]

Someone had to do it, and Issa Rae got it done! The “AWKWARD BLACK GIRL” has embraced her uniqueness by remaining:


Who would’ve thought that awkwardness would be accepted and made into a show of insecurities?! By a black woman?! NO WAY!

We have been waiting for something/someone to relate to in the “AWKWARD” world. You’d be surprised by the number of females who held back their inner “STRANGE” because they didn’t want to be looked at as “DIFFERENT.”

I’m one of them!!!!

Although I’m very confident, I have a weird side that was rarely unleashed in the past. But every since I was introduced to Issa Rae’s show “Insecure,” I have unleashed the WEIRD me WITHOUT GIVING ANY FUCKS!

Her careless sense of humor, and witty demeanor has shown the world that you can get very far with just being yourself.

I encourage everyone to be as real AS FUCK without giving any fucks. Maintain your “RECIPE of REAL” and remember that it’s ok to be awkward as fuck.


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