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[Lifestyle] “Dear Future Self…..”

Written Personally By KierraM:

We often times see individuals “penning” open letters to their younger selves discussing things they wish’d they’d known and/or how to navigate through life.

Very rarely do we find letters toward our “future selves,” which is ironic because it’s just as important to speak words of faith, love, and encouragement toward the people we strive to become!

Writing a letter to your ‘future self’ is an intimate act! It’s something that NO ONE has the capacity to help you with. Ultimately it’s all about self-love!

It’s a chance to START FRESH!

So we’re challenging everyone reading this post to take a few moments at some point during this week and become ONE with yourself. Have that needed conversation and write it down! Then fold the letter up, placing the date on the front and put it somewhere sacred. Do NOT reopen it until the same time 2018!

If you don’t know where to start when writing your letter, here’s something I just wrote to myself a few days ago:

Dear Future Icon,

YOU MADE IT! I’m so proud of you for NEVER giving up, even when it seemed like all of the odds were against you. Even when the people you entrusted turned their backs on you, NEVERTHELESS you persisted with God’s grace and mercy.

Remember those nights you cried endlessly questioning not only your ability, but if you were on the right path. And remember God’s constant reminders, his constant guidance! Most importantly remember that verse in Habakkuk which told you to ‘wait on the Lord?’ You did it!

You’ve turned out to be an AMAZING mother, even though you beat yourself up constantly worrying about “balance” and being proactive in your daughters life. Even when people told you that you were doing well. Kierra you have accomplished EVERYTHING that you’ve set out to do. You are not only the person you desired to become, but the WOMAN that GOD created you to be.

Lady you are truly walking in your purpose, and regardless of what may come your way stay true to YOU, stay humble, persistent, consistent, determined, and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Long story short….. YOU GO GIRL!


Now write yours and submit them to kmwexclusive@gmail.com and I’ll share one new entry per week.


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