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[Lifestyle] Dear Kierra: How Do You Find Balance Between Your Business & Personal Life?

Written Personally By: KierraM

Let’s just start off by saying:

It’s HARD as hell….

I founded KMWExclusive.com in 2014 after being fed up with working for someone else!

As I always say, “I knew that I wasn’t walking in the purpose that God had for my life.” Instead I was busy helping someone else build their dream, and after four [4] years I was NO LONGER willing to do that.

But my situation is a little different from most! A LOT happened all at once for me, and it wasn’t until January 2016 when I finally began to master the art of ‘balancing.’

When I walked away from my corporate job in August 2014, I’d just ended a seven [7] year relationship with my daughters father in July 2014 AND decided to terminate the lease on the apartment we shared. So in a matter of months I became a single mother to a three [3] year old child, jobless [by choice], and moving to the boonies [Harford County, MD.] to be closer to my parents for support. So for months, I was living off of savings while trying to figure out this “dream” that God put on my heart, and it was extremely difficult.

I remember days where I literally cried for hours because I felt like I’d made the wrong decision. Where was I to go? What was I to do? Why did I start a damn blog site, when I have the slightest clue about anything pertaining to it? These were ALL thoughts that crossed my mind endlessly. But still I kept going!

Soon after I went from OVER-LOOKED to OVER-BOOKED! And this is where the need for balancing came into play!

I quickly realized that I MUST create a schedule and STICK TO IT!

My publicist Candice Nicole recommended that I get a ‘passion planner’ , and from the day I received the planner in the mail it LITERALLY changed my life! Carrying it around daily has become second nature. As my publicist would say:

“If it’s not in my planner, then it’s NOT real.”

Which means that if I haven’t written the event/meeting in my planner, then I probably won’t attend!

My days are scheduled out! [Wake Up, School Drop Off, School Pick Up, School Events, Radio, Tutoring, Starbucks Work Session, Answering Emails, Conference Calls, Meetings, Girl Hang Outs, Red Carpets, Interviews, etc….] Everything has to be in the planner so that (1) I won’t forget and (2) I can keep up with what’s going on.

My daughters six [6] now with a busy schedule as well, and I want to be just as present in her life as I am within my different business endeavors. Which would be impossible if I didn’t have my schedule.

But even with the schedule, I’m still not perfect!

Here’s what I haven’t seemed to mastered…..

Within the schedule, I make sure to pencil in time for fun with friends, nails/toes, etc… but companionship? Not so much!

Since beginning my brand I’ve looked at having a companion as a distraction. After all, I was with someone for 7 years!!!! Nonetheless, I do get extremely lonely and I’m not an unattractive young woman. Men attempt to date me very frequently, I’ve just never gave them the opportunity.

So I promised myself coming into 2017 that I’d be finally open to sharing my time between work, my daughter, and DATING!

And I have to say, SO FAR SO GOOD! He’s just been added onto the schedule! #lol

As time goes on, I’ll have to see how it works out because I’m beginning to like ‘spare of the moment’ outings….. But for right now, my ‘schedule’ keeps me sane.

Hopefully I was able to answer your question! #Toodles


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