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[Lifestyle] Does Your Mentor Not Know That He/She Is Your Mentor? It’s Cool! Check Out My TOP 3…

Simply put, an imaginary mentor:

Only exist in the imagination!

They have no idea who you are, where you live, what you sound like, and what your trying to accomplish in life! NADA! Nonetheless, their accomplishments have been so profound that they’ve gained your admiration and attention. And often times, you may begin to depend on their social media, quotes, interviews, etc… for motivation in life.

Is that weird? NO!

One of my biggest ‘imaginary’ mentors taught me how to come out of my shell, stop doubting myself, and starting living ON PURPOSE; without knowing that she had that impact on my life.

Now we’re not discrediting mentors who you interact with on a daily basis, because they can be powerful as well. I’ve just found that weirdly, I get most of my motivation and/or forceful push from people whose stepped outside of my normal network of successors, and have bravely taken risk that’s placed their lives on unique paths.

Check out my TOP 3 ‘imaginary mentors’ below. [We may have the same list!]


Necole Kane [formerly “Necole Bitchie”]

That ‘imaginary mentor’ who taught me to STOP doubting my greatness and start living on purpose? YUP, that’s Necole Kane. Formerly the owner of NecoleBitchie.com and the current founder of xonecole.com

I started kmwexclusive.com because Necole was living proof that a “brown girl” like me could have such a HUGE social presence, and not be attached ‘sleeping’ her way to success. But showing that hard-work, dedication, consistency, and integrity is ALL YOU NEED!

Not to mention to this very day, Necole is so forthcoming about LIFE and it’s many ups and downs. She lost her parents, has been broke numerous times, takes us on her fitness journey, etc….

There is NO guessing when it comes down to Necole Kane, which is why most love her!

She’s most certainly on my TOP 5 list of people to interview in the near future! Just 10 minutes of ‘picking her brain’ would be enough for me.

Thank you Necole, without you I’d still be unhappy working a 9 to 5 that no longer served purpose in my life!


Steve Harvey

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a BUSINESS, man.” -JayZ

I honestly could care less about any negative comments people have to say about Steve Harvey! I’ve been in this man’s presence twice without being able to utter one word to him, and BOTH times I walked away inspired.

Inspired mentally, physically, and spiritually! This God-fearing man pours into my soul. His actions, persistence, consistency, dedication, and most importantly work- ethic speaks volumes.

Steve Harvey hosts several different television shows, has a radio show, writes books, has his own university, several non-profits dedicated to the youth, and still finds time to dedicate to his children and wife! How honorable!!!!!!

Against ALL Odds he’s making it, and changing lives along the way!

Not to mention, he’s personally taught me that in order to get what God has promised me, I must be willing to JUMP!

Thanks Steve!


Tressa Azarel Smallwood

Tressa’s a little different from my other two “IM’s,” why? Because I’ve actually interviewed Tressa on my radio show, invited her to speak at one of my events, and joined her VIP club for continual updates.

But I’m sure that you guys have heard the saying,

“I feel so close, yet so far.”

That’s how I feel when it comes to Tressa!

This woman is AMAZING! And since the very moment that I met her, she’s been nothing but an inspiration to my life!

Not only is she the founder of one of the TOP African American owned publishing companies, “Life Changing Books,” but she’s also a director. Tressa turns her books into films! Astonishing right?!

While most are sleeping, Tressa’s working or traveling the globe. This ‘mompreneur’ has taught me to NEVER give up! While also providing me with the network to aid in my success.

Thanks Tressa!


So you see, it’s NOT uncommon to have ‘imaginary mentors’…. in fact, I’d suggest you get a few.


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