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[Lifestyle] Generational Differences! Women WILL Walk Away….

Entertainment/Lifestyle Contributor: Markita Folkes [ @markitamichel_ ]

It’s a NEW generation!

One where women don’t feel obligated to put up with BULLCRAP! From who? MEN!

Your grand parents and great– grandparents typically celebrate 30+ years of marital bliss, and they often say:

“You young people don’t know what it takes to maintain a long lasting relationship.”

But here’s the ugly truth, back in the day men could cheat on a woman and she would be hurt, yet accept it because there was no such thing as DIVORCE. It was something so uncommon. Which is also part of the reason why some make it to 30+ years of anniversary celebrations.

Here’s a test: Ask your granny/auntie/cousin, whose been married for 30+ years, did infidelity exist within their relationship at one point or another? We can almost guarantee that the answer will be YES.

But women of today are built differently, some call it a more ‘solid foundation.’ Cheating for most is simply UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!

Yup, that’s right! Believe it or not, most women have built up enough confidence and strength to walk away from long term relationships because they weren’t being treated fairly. Which is NOT to say that walking away wasn’t difficult, but it was needed.

Most women also don’t waste time wallowing in sorrow for themselves, because it’s a belief that we are just as powerful as men [if not MORE in some areas], and there isn’t enough time in the day to let a man hold them back mentally, physically or emotionally from their goals [both personally and professionally].

I’ve always said:

“If it’s done once it’ll happen again, and that’s USUALLY how it goes.”

This isn’t a ‘bash the man’ type of post, it’s merely a ‘women can do bad all by themselves’ post!


We all we GOT!



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