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[Lifestyle] GET HEALTHY, It’s In-Style!

Entertainment/Lifestyle Contributor: Markita Folkes [ @markiamichel_ ]

Who said that you needed to be a size 0 in order to be socially accepted?

Oh yes that’s right, SOCIETY!

Just because you can “probably” fit into a majority of your clothing, and searching for your size in retail stores isn’t hard, DOES NOT make you healthier than someone visibly overweight.

In fact, you may look pleasing to the eye on the outside yet LITERALLY be torn apart on the inside! Which is why we firmly believe that ‘health’ as opposed to size should be your number one concern; because what we’ve come to learn is that most “unhealthy” people [ranging in size] are also “unhappy” on the inside.

However, for some odd reason….. society’s perception differs. Apparently a smaller size not only equals healthiness, but happiness as well.


We’d like to specially thank a-list celebrities such as: Mo’Nique, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, and even Rihanna; who was the latest public figure to show off her curves at the 2017 Barbados Festival.

Curves are in ladies and gentlemen! Curvy no longer means “unhealthy.” Take for instance Mo’ Nique who lost many pounds not for “Hollywood,” but for herself! And when media caught up with her she had this to say:

“When my husband asked me my weight, I answered and he said, ‘That’s too much weight. I want you around for a lifetime and that’s not healthy.’ It was at that moment that I went through guilt. I went through shame, because of my size. I never felt love like that before.”

Celebrities have so much power and influence, that if more were willing to be themselves and share their journey’s young girls wouldn’t try so hard to be the perfect figure.

Choose to eat right, and change your lifestyle for YOU and not anyone else.


Markita Michel

About kmwexclusive@gmail.com

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