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[Lifestyle] It’s Time To SPRING CLEAN Your Life!

We’re literally ONE week away from May 2017 ! Chapter 5 of 12 …..

SPRING equals new beginnings!

Think back on what you’ve harvested in your life thus far and ask yourself if you’re satisfied? If not, then this article was written for you.

Each year we talk about ‘spring cleaning’ our closet, house, business, etc… But what about your personal life? Most are in dyer need of rejuvenation, because going into the top of the year can cause lots of pressure. We’re sure that you’re familiar with the saying, “new year, new me” right?! Well by April/May for most, those goals and/or resolutions are LONG gone! So now what?!


It’s about time for you to do a “self-evaluation” on where you are thus far in order to end your year with serenity and success. And we’re hear to help by providing you guys with our TOP 5 tips on how to spring clean your life!

Tip #1: Walk Away From ALL Toxic Relationships

We’re not only suggesting that you walk away from that toxic spouse who may be holding you back, but ALL relationships which cause more harm than good. No, it will NOT be easy! But it’ll be worth it!

You can’t embark on a new journey in business and/or personal if you have a relationship that’s draining you in more ways than one. It may be a boyfriend whose unappreciative, a friend who always takes and NEVER gives, or a parent who always has something negative to say.

At some point you must make a decision! What’s more important to you, their relationship or your sanity? The answer should be quite clear!

Tip #2: Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts

We’ve literally witnessed individuals delete almost EVERYTHING on their social media accounts [Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, Facebook, etc..] because it wasn’t a replica of who they wanted to become.

Give your social media platforms a little tender loving care! CLEAN IT UP!

And then after you’ve cleaned things up, TAKE A BREAK! Log out for a few days or weeks. Sometimes social media can be so draining on your mind. Unfortunately many portray false lifestyles that people fall in love with, and strive to reach by any means necessary.

You need rest!

If running a constant social media site is crucial to your business, then you should hire someone and train them to run it in the event that you have to take a break. There’s honestly no way around this, you must say goodbye to social media for a second.

Tip #3: Spring Clean Your Eating

Wonder why you always feel exhausted?! Have you ever stepped back and monitored your food intake?

Money extraordinaire Patrice Washington said during Steve Harvey’s “Act Like A Success Conference”…..

“Being wealthy has nothing to do with money. Commit to a purpose and establish habits that align with that mindset.”

The condition of your well-being [physical] is important!

Change your diet! Start out by going to the gym a few days per week! Anything that you can do for more than 30 days becomes apart of your lifestyle. This minor tip has the potential to make a HUGE difference in your life.

Tip #4: Create A Spiritual Routine

We’re NOT trying to convert anyone into doing anything they’re not comfortable with! But apart of spring cleaning your life also involves becoming “ONE” with yourself.

If you’re spiritual, choose a few minutes per day to sit and pray! If you’re into meditation, find a quiet place in your home to do so, or take a yoga class at least once per week.

Whatever makes you SIT STILL and listen to your inner thoughts should be done at least once per week. You’d be surprised at how this can help you re-shape your mindset.

Tip #5: Be Selfish

This is a MAJOR tip!

We’re probably not thinking about the same sort of ‘selfishness’ right now!

We’re referring to taking the time out of your busy schedule [business or personal] at least once per month and doing whatever it is that PUTS A SMILE ON YOUR FACE and IN YOUR HEART!

It can be anything!

A lot of times we become so consumed with everything else that we lose sight of who we are, and what we like!

Take the time out to devote to yourself!


All in all, ‘spring cleaning’ your life will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed! So, CLEAN IT UP!



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