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[Lifestyle] LIBYA! LIBYA! LIBYA!

Written By Lifestyle Contributor: Shanique Bond [ @dopemynd ] [12/4/2017] 8:28 AM

I’m convinced! Being of African American decent will most likely be a “FOREVER” problem!

I am black.

This I know! I am also aware that as a result of my ethnicity, I will have to work harder in this world to get where I want to be; or most often, DESERVE to be!

Black Lives Matter.

The history behind African Americans and how we were treated during segregated times will never be forgotten. In fact, everyday we continue to fight in order to stay alive during this era of police brutality and even human trafficking in Libya!

It’s 2017! I thought shit might’ve changed a little.

Guess I was wrong for thinking that, especially after witnessing our “piece of shit” president run to Twitter more than he does the podium to address our nation!

But back to Libya and the recent news….

For the uninformed, West Africans are being sold in Libya in an apparent ‘slave trade,’ and being treated like cattle. [ aljazeera.com ] Yet every time a black person pulls the ‘race card,’ other races get offended, or even utter their lips to tell us that we need to GET OVER IT.

How do we ‘get over’ shit that still exist?

How Sway?!

Why is there a ‘slave trade’ in Libya if slavery was abolished?

Currently, West Africans are being sold into slavery, used for prostitution, or being murdered!

I’ve come to the conclusion that we live in a real CRUEL world! My only question is:

When will people wake the hell up?!

I guess Colin taking a knee wasn’t enough!



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