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[Lifestyle] Look In The Mirror…. That Is Your COMPETITION!

Lifestyle/Entertainment Contributor: Markita Folkes [@markitamichel_ ]

It becomes very easy to compare yourself to others when your social media pages are flooded with “professional” looking images all day. But the harsh reality is that, when you compete with others you’re really judging yourself based off of someones else’ values and/or standards.

Ironic right?!

Life is a competition, but it’s not a MARATHON! [tweetable moment] Rather, the true journey is against yourself and un-recognized potential.

So I guess this is what Jay-Z meant when he said:

“I look in the mirror, my only opponent.”

The energy spent focusing on someone else’ life is better spent working on your own. Because the ugly truth is that, when you have your eyes on your ‘competitors’ you lose sight of your own business and ambitions. In return, you’ll soon realize that you’ve become your BIGGEST disappointment.

It’s YOU that’s hurting YOU!

It’s nothing wrong with being inspired by others or learning a few tricks to the trade from your peers, but to feel like you must compete with them is not necessary. And it’s also a lesson that most learn when its too late.

Simply focus on your own growth and work towards being a better version of your older self!

Think about it, if everyone walked around thinking with the ‘competitive’ mindset there would be no ORIGINALITY left.  So do not assume that you should change your beliefs and goals because it worked for someone else. It may not work for you!

Level up against YOURSELF!

Work hard for YOURSELF!

Be yourself for YOURSELF!

That is enough…..


Markita Michel

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