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[Lifestyle] Out With The ‘OLD,’ In With The ‘NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!’

Written By Lifestyle Contributor: Shanique Bond [@dopemynd ]

The year 2018 is HERE, and I’m sure most of us have already begun making lists [yes, PLURAL] of “New Years Resolutions!”

But here’s a question:

Why do we tend to repeat the “New Year, New Me” quote?

Is it suppose to validate us for being better than we were the year before? I’m CONFUSED.

I simply believe that if we begin to speak things into existence, then our actions will follow!

Just the thought of imagining what we want to change about ourselves is EXCITING!

In the words of actress Keke Palmer:

But here’s the GAG…

Although our resolutions always look good on paper, the reality is that most resolutions will get pushed to the side by month 3. We’ll then revert back to old behavior, and December 2018 we’ll be back at square one roaring, “NEW YEAR, NEW ME!” yet again.

It’s my opinion that we NOT place so much ‘end of the year’ pressure on ourselves, but celebrate the small growths throughout the entire year. Just because a new year has come doesn’t mean we failed the previous one!

We should let life flow and feel blessed to be ALIVE and healthy, because as long as your seeing progression at your own pace, a “New Year” won’t matter.


Happy New Year!

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