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[Lifestyle] Say YES, More!

Lifestyle/Entertainment Contributor: Markita Folkes [ @markitamichel_ ]

It’s officially HUMP DAY! While most are dreading the rest of the week, some are excited about what’s to come because they’ve mentally prepared themselves to stay in a constant state of positivity!

If I had to pick one word to define the attitude of successful and positive people, it would be:


It’s a small word but it opens so many doors to even bigger things.

If you are willing to embrace a “yes” mindset in your life and career particularly, you will discover your potential for achievement and happiness is essentially limitless.

Let your “YES” be just that.

In any situation, be certain of the commitment that you are making and place careful thought into your decision! Even if you’re challenging yourself!

That’s not to say that each yes will be difficult, but you don’t want to build a bad reputation off of “not sticking to your word,” when honestly that’s the only thing people may have to go off. Granted, things happen and we are not predictors of the future. However, thinking ahead and knowing what you “can” and “cannot” commit to will make things much smoother.

Simply put, there will be certain instances that will require a “no”. But we urge you to do your best in trying out the “yes.” 

There are lots of opportunities lost as a result of our inability to commit.


LEAP! For one week, I challenge you to say YES to at-least 3 things you planned on saying NO to! If Shonda Rhimes can do a year of it, then I’m most certain you guys can handle one week.



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