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[Lifestyle] The NFL’s “SHARPE” Turn

Written By Lifestyle Contributor: Shanique Bond [ @dopemynd ]

It’s obvious that the NFL organization hasn’t been in favor of Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the National Anthem. In fact, Kaepernick has yet to get re-signed to a team as a result of this very decision. Crazy Right?! As if the world doesn’t understand the important reasoning behind him taking this stance!

Awareness Against Police Brutality!

While most [including myself] believe that the protest would have been more powerful had other players initially supported it, there’s former athletes such as Ray Lewis who’ve been very vocal about the fact that Colin should’ve “took the flag out of it!” [Cbssports.com ]

Oh, how quickly the tables turn!

Now it seems as though opinions have changed, and “hypocrisy” has set in!

In regard to the alleged ‘disrespect toward the american flag,’ during a recent speak given my Donald Trump he urged NFL owners to:

“Get those son of a b****es off of the field.” [ sbnation.com]

As you probably can imagine or even attest to, ever since the statement was made the entire NFL organization and its players started to “kneel” during the National Anthem! Which personally, I’M NOT HERE FOR! And apparently, neither is former Denver Broncos tight end/ sports analyst Shannon Sharpe.

On “Undisputed,” Sharpe told everyone how he truly felt about the players/owners deciding to “kneel” during the National Anthem. He stated:

“While some might be moved by the NFL’s conscience, it was wasn’t their conscience. It was the owner’s cash. People with cash don’t like to be bullied and told what to do.”

I totally agree with him because the NFL organization is full of money and power, and that is the same power that prohibited Kaepernick from playing this year in the NFL. We all know the basis for his protest, what are the remaining players and owners kneeling for? Really?! Because it sure isn’t for the same reason as Kaepernick.

It’s so ironic that a majority of the NFL players couldn’t stand behind Kaepernick, but then turn and “kneel” with NFL owners all because of “name calling” from Trump?!

If you don’t stand for SOMETHING, you’ll fall for anything!

Colin Kaepernick has stood TALL for what he believed in, versus others such as Ray Lewis who has fallen for ANYTHING during this time!

We support Shannon Sharpe in saying:

Let’s not only UNIFY when it’s convenient!!!!

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