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[Lifestyle] To Hell With The Bullshit! Let’s Save JEMELE!

Written By Lifestyle Contributor: Shanique Bond [ @dopemynd]

Days have gone by since the suspension of ESPN anchor Jemele Hill, and while most are shocked by the news, I was unmoved. No surprise there!

For the uninformed….

ESPN suspended Jemele Hill for insinuating on Twitter that fans should boycott the Cowboys advertisers (Foxnews.com) after Jerry Jones, the owner of the franchise team, threatened to bench any player that refused to stand during the National Anthem (abcnews.com). Keep in mind that this is the same guy who locked arms with his players and kneeled a few weeks ago.

So much for SOLIDARITY!

Which is why I understand Jemele’s frustration and her decision to speak out! After all, it is her job to voice her opinion! Right?! Or at least that’s what we thought!

It seems like everyone is safe until they have an OPINION

Why is it that everyone hides from the truth? Or, don’t like to hear the truth? Well, maybe it’s because the truth HURTS!

Here’s the bottom line:

The owner of the Dallas Cowboys decided to have a change of heart in regard to kneeling during the National Anthem, and forced that same “change of heart” onto his players.

When Jerry Jones decided to lock arms, no players were in jeopardy of being benched! So why punish the team now???? We know why……

Because he’s the one with the MONEY and the POWER!

Got it!

Jemele Hill simply called Jerry Jones out on his bullshit! So of course so got suspended!

The ugly truth is that, ESPN doesn’t want anyone to freely expressed their opinions especially RIGHT NOW! No one wants to hear the truth. So I’m labeling it as a “sugarcoat network.” And furthermore, I stand with Jemele Hill because she’s using her platform for what matters most:



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