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[Lifestyle] Warm Weather Brings, MORE Options! Check Out Our TOP 5 Summer Date Night Suggestions!

We received such a HUGE response from our post on “Winter Date Night Suggestions,” that we decided to provide you guys with suggestions for the summer as well.

As you already know, the BEST date nights occur in the summer. There’s just something about warm weather, it tends to bring out the nicer side of people. Amazing Right?!

You’ll find that your lover will be more open to spending time outdoors, meeting up for casualties, couple dating, etc…. Because there are MORE options! Nonetheless, if you don’t know where to start let us help you.


NO.1 “Visit A Vineyard”

Nothing beats spending an entire evening, or a weekend tasting ‘new’ wine with the one you love! It’s romantic, non-expensive, and very intimate.

No. 2 “A Picnic In The Park”

Whether on a first date, or casual meet-up…..a picnic in the park is still CLASSIC! Bring a blanket, light food, fruit, and a bottle of champagne and you’re SET! You can feed one another, read books, talk about life, enjoy the scenery and each others company.

Picnics have always been our favorite!

No. 3 “Outdoor Movies”

In the winter you’re FORCED to stay inside, unless you enjoy that sort of weather! But things are different in the summer. People actually enjoy being around one another, so why not catch a outdoor movie you’ve been dying to see?

No.4 “Tourism”

You guys don’t have to go far! How about traveling to different parts of your city, or a neighboring city that you’ve never gone to. Strap on your fanny packs, grab a camera, and make lasting memories.

No. 5 “Outdoor Concerts”

Why not catch your favorite band and/or artist with the one you love? Grab dinner, a few drinks, and vibe out to the some of your favorite tunes!


All of these suggestions can be accomplished for less than $100! Take advantage of the summer months because before you know it, they’ll be gone.

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