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[Lifestyle] “Who REALLY Cares?”

Written by lifestyle contributor: Shanique Bond [ @dopemynd ]

One cuff, two cuff, face down, KNEE!

This is what’s happening in the world today to my African American people! Unnamed citizens of color are continuously involved in racial profiling incidents with the police.

But who really cares?!

We’ve been singing this same song about black lives mattering, but it’s getting over looked.

Shit, I CARE!

I better care! I’m raising an African American son whose life is already in danger because of his skin complexion. So yes, I CARE! And I refuse to wait until I’m racially profiled to start giving a damn. I CARE NOW because I’m black and not un-touchable. How about you?

So you think money will keep you from being racially profiled? Child please! You will end up just another “Nigger” with money! That doesn’t make you off limits!

Seattle Seahawks defensive end, Michael Bennett was racially profiled AND had a gun pointed towards his head during his trip to Las Vegas. He stated in his public statement:

“After confirming my identity, I was ultimately released without any justification for the officers abusive conduct.”

Had he not been confirmed as a professional football player. he would have been dead. But his fame didn’t save him from being harassed by the police.

I guess Colin Kaepernick’s protest against police brutality wasn’t enough awareness for people to really PAY ATTENTION!

Look around black people, police brutality is happening to everyone!

You better start caring because tomorrow it may happen to you, and you may not survive to tell your story! THEN, what’s next? What will you do?


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