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[Lifestyle] “Work B4 Relationships”

Written By Lifestyle Contributor: Shanique Bond [ @dopemynd ]

I’ve been single for almost 6 [six] years, and it’s NOT because I can’t find anyone; but because I’m not looking!

My perception and/or expectations for relationships seem to be very different from the status quo.

It’s my belief that I must first, take care of myself in order to be able to commit! I must commit to achieving my career goals, creating a comfortable lifestyle for my son, and last BUT most importantly…… being emotionally ready and available to date.

I’m a woman whose afraid that if I start a serious relationship now, then I’ll get distracted from my end goals! And a relationship takes hard work, time, and extreme dedication. Not to mention, the constant stressors of social media makes it hard to tell if someone truly likes you or not. So that, coupled with my anxiety isn’t ready for the dating scene.

Plus, when I’m working on a task that I’m interested in achieving I’ve found that I’m much stronger alone.

No feelings, No Problem!

There is no way that I can commit to anyone before making sure that my shit is together!

Yes, I do get lonely at times!

But as I mentioned early on, I see things quite differently.

To me, there are millions of people you can date at various points within your life; but that special job opportunity may only come around ONCE in a lifetime. So, I don’t know about you guys but I’d like to take advantage of the job and worry about dating later on in life.

What are your thoughts? Which comes first in your life? Career….. or Love Life….

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  1. I believe it’s about balance. The same balance you found to take care of your son & still pursue your career you can do with a relationship. Relationships are not difficult we make them difficult. We should commit to people who understand and fully support our careers. It’s nothing like having a partner on that journey with you.

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