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Meek Mill OFFICIALLY Leaves A Mark On Philly!

Written By Lifestyle Contributor: Shanique Bond [ @dopemynd ]

On Monday, Philly rapper Meek Mill was sentenced to 2-4 years in state prison, for a violation of his probation. (Philly.com)

As the news hit media outlets, the city of Philadelphia went bizarre with OUTRAGE!

Fans immediately took to Instagram expressing their feelings on “injustice” as it relates to this case, even beginning the trending hashtag #FreeMeek which has completely dominated all platforms; along with a petition pleading for an early release. 

Why is this surprising?!

Because Meek hasn’t always been favorable in the public eye, including people within his hometown! 

Whether it’s as his result of the relationship he shared with NYC rapper Nicki Minaj, or his public social media “beef” with Canadian rapper Drake. We think it’s fair to say that Meek has made his fair share of mistakes. But this isn’t one! And his hometown is standing behind him on this……

Philly wants Meek out of jail!

Shit, I️ want him out of jail!

It’s no place for a positive, young and successful man to be! Especially one who is currently doing everything within his power to change his life and others perception of him. 

Within the last few years Meek has initiated coat drives, holidays givebacks,etc…  and even recently, he invited 35 kids from the Boys and Girls club to attend a Philly 76ers game with him. (Vladtv.com)

Honestly speaking, with every negative report there is always a positive one regarding Meek! He’s one of the most successful rappers Philadelphia has ever seen in the last decade!

Although “The City Of Brotherly Love” has its own way of showing love, we know great talent when it’s in our face. Meek is one of ours, and for that Philadelphia stands by Meek during his tough time in prison.

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