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Missed Kevin Hart’s Masterclass On OWN? Check Out Our TOP 10 ‘Takeaways’…

On Saturday, June 10th many around the world were ‘glued’ to the television screen at 9PM [et] for comedian Kevin Hart’s masterclass provided by Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network.

Most times we witness the ‘now’ in fame and not the ‘rise,’ which is why so many crave a lifestyle before realizing that they don’t have what it takes to attain it!

During his masterclass, Kevin was authentically himself! No theatrics, no sugar-coating, etc. We were able to find out his trials & tribulations, biggest obstacles, life’s lessons, losing his mother, a failed marriage, fatherhood, and working tirelessly for YEARS before the ‘now.’ Kevin’s story of triumph is truly amazing!

Here’s the TOP 10 biggest ‘takeaways’…..

#1  You’ve got to give trust to get trust!

You’re in charge of your own book, chapter by chapter. You can’t expect people to trust you without building/ maintaining that trust. In both business/personal we must STOP expecting people give us opportunities without working hard for them.

#2 Time stops for NO ONE! Learn to turn a negative into a positive.

According to Kevin, he rarely allows himself to get upset or angry. Why? Because life’s lessons have taught him that “time waits for no one.” So why waste time being unhappy. Life is more enjoyable and fulfilling when we learn to turn negative situations into positive ones. #factsoflife

#3 Nothing beats the relationship you have with your children

There’s ALWAYS a reason behind what you’re aiming to accomplish, and for most parents it’s their children!

One of the biggest lessons that we learned from Kevin is that no matter how busy you are, your physical presence in your child’s life is extremely important. This is what they remember! Not the money, trips, clothes, etc….. YOUR TIME!

#4 1st one in, last one out! Persistence pays off.

Simply put, ‘how bad do you want it?’

Lazy people aren’t successful! Success comes with patience, persistence, consistency, and passion! So again, ‘how bad do you want it?’

Kevin says he drove back and forth from Philadelphia to New York 5 days a week for 4 years!

Are you going the extra mile to make your dreams come true?

#5 Be different in order to get different!

Often times we get so caught up in other peoples paths that we forget to truly live in our own. If you want a different way of life, you must start thinking outside of the box. Outside of the normal realm! Stop thinking that your thoughts are too outlandish and/or crazy & start acting on them. BE YOU!

#6 Stay Busy

Kevin highly thanks his mother for keeping him busy growing up. He was always involved in after school activities leaving only enough time for homework and sleep! But by staying busy he never found himself in trouble, which is a trait that he’s carried into adulthood.

#7 Accept Reality

According to Kevin, ‘accepting life’s many realities’ may be tough, but it makes you stronger and helps to move past situations a lot faster. He says it’s the ‘weird’ part about him, yet we say it’s ‘genius.’

#8 Find your story

People need to have something to associate you with, otherwise you’ll continue to fly under the radar! Work hard, find your story, and BUILD from that point on.

#9 Make them come to you

Once people began to realize who he was, the chase was over. He found his story and they began to come to him.

Once you’re secure with the person you are, and you’re working hard to attain ‘new’ …. people will notice and begin to flock to you without hesitation and/or warning.

#10 Are you strong enough to keep digging until that light comes?

Your breakthrough could be tomorrow, next week, next month, or 5 years from now. The questions is, ‘are you willing to keep going through it all?’ The good, bad, and the ugly! Do you have enough faith in yourself to know the break-through is coming, even when you can’t see it?


This was the first time that we’ve actually saw another side of Kevin Hart, one filled with seriousness and admiration!

If you missed the masterclass, you definitely MISSED OUT! 


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