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Oh Hell Naw! Man Scams Women Out Of Thousands Of Dollars Through Dating Sites SENTENCED!

People wonder why MOST aren’t okay with the idea of dating men online, they’d much rather meet a partner organically.

Daylon G. Pierce, known by his victims as Daylon Jung has been sentenced to sixteen [16] years in prison after scamming several women he met online out of thousands of dollars!

Yes, you heard me correctly!

Pierce pled guilt to two counts of fraudulent schemes after setting up several dating profiles on sites such as: PlentyOFish.com, Match.com, Tinder, etc… and convincing vulnerable women that he was a stockbroker who could help them invest their funds to get out of sticky situations. And when the women would hand over the money, instead of investing it, Pierce would splurge in casinos, nightclubs, etc…..

According to reports, there is absolutely NO evidence of Pierce ever being a stockbroker!


“Tara DeGrazia, one of his victims, said he asked her questions relating to her credit, like if she was financially capable of buying a house or a car. He said he’d help her invest so that she’d be able to pay off her student loans.”

DeGrazia also mentioned that she’d just gotten a divorce and was in the most vulnerable state, so she allowed Pierce to WOW her!

Crazy Right?!

But DeGrazia wasn’t Pierce’s only victim. He even had a woman give him money out of her 401k for investment, only to find out that she was being scammed by someone she thought cared about her.

Pierce has been sentenced to 16 years behind bars, and has an upcoming restitution hearing.

We’ll definitely keep you guys posted!

[Side-note: Please be careful who you choose to release information to. Don’t be so desperate for love that you are careless.]

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