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Oh No! 12 Year Old Attempts Suicide After Pouring Boiling Water On Her 11 Year Old Friend As A PRANK!

EVERYTHING about this situation is just wrong!

[New York] 11 year old Jamoneisha Merrit and her 12 year old friend Aniyah Grant Stuart were known for playing “pranks” on one another, which was never alarming to surrounding adults. However, no one anticipated that the pranks would turn deadly! Not even the two young girls.

According to NYND reports, the prank began when Merrit poured cold water on Stuarts face while she slept. Immediately Stuart proclaimed [jokingly] that she would get Merrit back.

While everyone was asleep, including Merrit on the couch, Stuart boiled hot water and poured it on Merrit’s face!!!! Merrit woke in agony & pain as her face began blistering and burning from the water. Scared, Stuart ran and woke her mother up asking for help.

This was definitely a prank gone wrong!

Merrit was rushed to Harlem Hospital for treatment, where she is being surrounded by her mother, grandmother, and Rev. Robert Rice; who according to NYND states:

“She’s doing fine, she’s strong. Her spirit is strong. I gave her a hug, and she’s smiling.”

While Merrit may be smiling, her mother isn’t pleased at all! In fact, she’s ‘allegedly’ launched an attack on 12 year old Aniyah Stuart and her family.

According to NYND:

“The burned girl’s mother allegedly choked 12 year old Aniyah Grant Stuart over the incident, and the angry parent appeared Thursday morning spewing threats outside the Panton apartment. ‘I’m going to cut your face, you f***ing b****! I’m going to burn your f****** house down! You let this happen to my daughter!”

Meanwhile according to Stuart’s mother, as a result of the inside her daughters now been placed under suicide watch after she tried to stab herself with a knife.

“What she did was really wrong, but it’s too much right now. My daughter is 12. Everybody makes mistakes.”

We understand that BOTH parents are attempting to protect their children, but everyone needs to take a step back and actually think about the kids and how traumatizing this incident is to them. One day your friends and the next day your families are rivals as a result of a prank.

It’s all too much!

[UPDATE: Via DailyMail.co, the prank was apart of an alleged facebook challenge titled, “The Hot Water Challenge” and Aniyah Stuart was arrested & charged with assault.]

Parents PLEASE monitor your children closely!

WARNING: Check out video footage above.

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