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OWN Network’s New Show, “RELEASED” Will Have You In Tears!

It’s a known fact that roughly 70% of both men & women released from prison will return within the first 90 days of reintegration. And we’ve found that it’s because for a “period of time” no matter the length, they’d began to get accustomed to life behind bars. So returning to civilization was harder than expected!

While chatting with a Philadelphia parolee a few years ago, we remember him stating that he didn’t even remember how to “cross the street” upon his release. And that he was almost hit by a car! Talk about culture shock!

So when we found out that OWN Network decided to formulate a show based around “integration,” we were in total support.

‘RELEASED’ let’s other newly released men & women know that they are NOT alone!

According to the show’s synopsis:


Read more: http://www.oprah.com/app/released.html#ixzz4vjb9xhmo 

Thanks to our friends over at the network, we’re able to provide our viewers with a few upcoming clips!

Click on the links below:

*Follow Michael As He Visits His Fathers Grave* [WARNING: Extreme Tear Jerker]


*Follow Jermaine As He Checks In With His Father Just 34 Days After His Release*


*Follow Kevin Has He Seeks Guidance From His Pastor! Life Outside Of San Quentin *


*Just 10 Days After Her Release, Kay & Rachel Argue Over Her Probation Officers Visit*


This show is one you should definitely tune into! Thank me later!!!!


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