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Phaedra Parks Says That She’s Enjoying The Dating Scene!

We think it’s safe to say that Phaedra Parks is FINALLY in a good place within her life; especially since she signed a deal with NYC modeling agency “Wilhelmina.”

So good that she’s finally chosen to open up about her life POST divorce from ex-husband Apollo Nida!

According to Mrs. Parks, it was time for her and Nida to move forward and they wish one another nothing but the best in life.

“I wasn’t holding on to him. he kept appealing the divorce and finally it was granted. Apollo and I started dating in high school and now I’m in my early 40s, so it was time to go. That’s almost a lifetime. Thank God it’s over, but thank God it happened because we have two beautiful kids.”

Phaedra also admits that she and the boys [Dylan 4, Ayden 7] haven’t gone to visit him in prison in quite some time, however they have very normal communication with him.

But as for her and the dating world, she calls herself “hot on the market.”

Which is weird concerning the big “Shemar Moore” [Click Here For The Back-Story] ordeal that just caught the internet by storm!

On dating Phaedra states:

“I’m not dating anyone seriously. I’ve been on a few dates. I think I’m hot on the market. I’m looking for a lot of things. I love to be pampered, but also like to have a divorce conversation. I also love an attractive man.”

Okkkkaayyyyyyy then!

Good to know that she’s moving forward in spite of!

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