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Pharell Williams Offers ‘Forgiveness’ To Jenna Bush After Her Golden Globes Mistake!

Media was set abuzz on Sunday after red carpet correspondent Jenna Bush Hager confused Hidden Figures and Fences. While interviewing Pharrell she called the film, “Hidden Fences”. Pharrell was nominated for  “Best Original Score” in regard to his contributions to the films soundtrack.


Jenna’s hiccup set social media ablaze almost immediately! There were videos, memes, etc…. Especially since during the mistake, instead of correcting her, Pharrell had a look of awe and confusion on his face.


Jenna’s Bush Apologizes

The NBC correspondent didn’t waste time apologizing. On Monday morning during the “Today” show, while holding back apparent tears, Jenna expressed how sincerely sorry she was!

“I have seen both movies. I thought they were both brilliant. I’ve interviewed cast from both of the movies, and if I offended people I am deeply sorry.” -J.Bush

This is a correspondent’s WORST nightmare, but it has happened to some of the best! And luckily for Jenna, BOTH Pharrell and Octavia Spencer have a great sense of humor.

Both stars tweeted her, accepting her apology! See tweets below.

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