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Porsha Williams Says That Kenya Moore Isn’t Being A “Team Player”….

Over the summer, RHOA star Kenya Moore wed in a secret ceremony and she’s made it very clear that  BRAVO cameras will not come near her fairly new spouse. But other cast mates, including Porsha Williams, says it’s NOT FAIR! Why was it “non-negotiable” for them to open up their personal lives to the world, but Kenya has a “choice?”

In a released statement, [according to TheJasmineBrand.com] Porsha allowed her opinion to be heard.

“Yeah, she wasn’t invited on the international trip. We are on a reality show. Everybody else on the show is obligated to open their family up to the world and open up our private lives. So, it’s not fair when somebody makes the decision to not bring their husband on the show. Cynthia went through a divorce on the show, I went through a divorce. I mean, people going through stuff in their real life on the show. Every single person on this show has dealt with their personal life on the show and exposed themselves and has been transparent. You’re not a team player if you’re on the show and not show your personal life, but still want to be here. It’s not being a team player.”

We honestly agree with Porsha. But the bigger question is…..

Why is it being allowed?

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