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Rapper Too Short Accused Of RAPE!

Legendary hip hop rapper “Too Short,” whose known for songs such as, ‘The Ghetto’ and ‘Blow The Whistle’ is now being accused of sexually assaulting his former artist.

According to the victim, the event happened on November 1st while at a private residence with Short in Los Angeles.

Via TMZ:

“The woman claims on November 1 she was at an L.A. residence with the rapper when he allegedly sexually attacked her. She told cops that she’s a virgin and made a point of saying that her provocative videos in no way should suggest she gave any form of consent.”

The victim apparently waited until ONE month after the ‘alleged’ incident to report the crime to authorities, so you know that any/all evidence could cease to exist!

Even though he hasn’t released an official statement, sources close to Too Short says he completely DENIES the victims claims. In an exclusive statement to TMZ, they state:

“Short insists he never had sexual contact with the alleged victim. The sources say she was on his record label but he dropped her and that’s when she concocted the allegation. The sources add she subsequently asked to get back on the label and Short views this as a form of extortion.”

Early January 2017, entertainment site ‘ThaCelebritea’ revealed tweets from Ana Lou [the alleged victim] however they were overlooked. Via twitter she wrote:

“I know that a lot of you were so proud when I got my deal with Too Short, and I hate to disappoint my supporters. But I’m sharing my story… I was raped sexually, mentally, and psychologically. This is why I will not be working with Too Short anymore. Thanks for your prayers.” @OfficialAnaLou

She went on to say:

“I wanted to end my own life. I didn’t realize how selfish I was being towards those who really care about me. I had never felt so low. Betrayal can make you feel worthless. If It weren’t for my mom, I probably would’ve left this earth. The truth is, I trusted this man as a mentor. I thought he was my friend, and he told everyone that I was his artist. My virginity meant nothing to Too Short, but it meant everything to me. I’m a good person that was raised in a Catholic home. I expect the best out of people, and that is where I went wrong. I was raped sexually, mentally, and psychologically. Everybody has a opinion, I realize that coming out and sharing my story makes a lot of people upset. It’s not about those people, those are the same people that knew about what I went through but suggested that I cover it up, and keep creating music. Those are the same people that preyed on me just to manipulate me.”

 We’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on this story as it’s still unfolding…..


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