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Really?! Texas Police Chief CLEARED Of Racial Allegations Stemming From Texas Beauty Queen Arrest!

We can’t say that we’re too surprised by this news!

Last month, we reported to you guys that Texas beauty queen [Carmen Ponder] accused Police Chief Terry Crew of calling her a “black b**ch” and having her illegally arrested in a Walmart parking lot.

According to Ponder, she was driving behind a truck that was swerving, stopping, and acting very suspiciously so she pulled around the car and parked.

“When I parked, the same black truck sped up on my car and began yelling at me cussing me out. He screamed that he was teaching his 14 year old daughter how to drive and I shouldn’t have drove around her.”

She went on say that she entered Walmart and when she exited he was still there screaming obscene things toward her.

“He kept saying that it was 14 year old driving. That’s when he screamed, “oh whatever, you black b**ch!”

Ponder also stated that the police chief called for reinforcement while she was in Walmart, and the arresting officer instructed her to apologize to “HIS” chief. When she didn’t apologize, he arrested her!

Conflicting accounts of the incident, led the city to launch an investigation headed by firm, ‘Lynn, Ross, and Gannaway, LLP.’

According to the NYDN:

“An independent investigation led by the City of Commerce culminated yesterday, clearing Crews of the allegations. The investigation revealed that there was no evidence that Chief Crews made any racial statements to Ms. Ponder or to anyone else. There is also no evidence that the arrest was racially motivated. The investigation also refuted Ponder’s claims that Crews had allowed his daughter to operate a vehicle. Additionally, it was determined that Chief Crews was not involved in the initial dispute between Ms. Ponder and the other driver. As such, there is no way that his daughter could have been operating a motor vehicle illegally.”

Attorneys for Ponder took to social media following the decision stating the following:

“I’m afraid @cityofcommerce missed the point. Chief Crews directed the unlawful arrest of @carmensierraaa under unjustifiable circumstances.”

WE AGREE!!!!! 


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