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Sad News! Pregnant Model Dies During A Photo Shoot After Being Hit By A Train!

This story is so HORRIFIC!

It’s with sad news that we report the death of 19 year old, aspiring model Fredzania Thompson who died during a photoshoot last Friday. She was attempting to launch her modeling career when she was hit in Navasota, Texas.

According to reports, Fredzania thought it would be a good idea use the ‘train tracks’ and its rustic scenery for a few new photos, not knowing that those photos would be her last.

Via The Eagle

“Thompson was killed Friday in Navasota while posing for photos on a set of train tracks. Witnesses told investigator she was standing where two train tracks meet. Police said one of the set tracks belonged to BNSF and the other to Union Pacific. Thompson was standing between the tracks and watching for an oncoming train from BNSF with her back turned toward an oncoming Union Pacific train. Witnesses said she tried to cross the Union Pacific tracks to avoid the BNSF train and was hit by the Union Pacific train.”


Fredzania and the baby died while en route to a nearby hospital.

Family shared a photo she’d taken moments before her death with funeral arrangements. Her fiancé Darnell Chatman, whose obviously taking things hard, released a statement saying:

“She had been offered several modeling opportunities in the past, but had turned them down.”

He goes on to say that two weeks ago she called him with the following news:

“You’re going to be a dad again!”


Check out a few photos below.


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