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Say What Now?! Atlanta’s “MobiCutz” App. Provides ON DEMAND Barber Services!

‘MobiCutz’ is about to take the male barber  industry to greater heights within the upcoming months!

A barber ON DEMAND is every males dream….

Especially the extremely busy working man who may desperately need a quick trim, however doesn’t really have the time to physically go into a ‘barber shop’ and WAIT. For those men in particular, as of August 2017 you’ll be ONE click away from looking your best within minutes.

The MobiCutz App!

“MobiCutz is a 100% on demand barbering service that allows users to find the best barber in their area based on needs, pricing, and location. The app provides an instant service upon request eliminating those long lines at the barbershop permanently. MobiCutz is a premium on demand grooming service that caters to the everyday person on the go, who hates to wait!”

Simply put, you’ll be able (1) download the app, (2) locate the best barbers in your area, (3) view pricing, (4) read reviews from previous clients, and (5) rate your service for the other potential clients.

MobiCutz will literally be the LYFT of barbering!

And for barbers, you”ll be able to (1)Sign up via the app and keep track of appointments, (2) schedule new appointments, and (3) collect earnings through the app.

More Traffic + Additional Revenue Generation = WIN/WIN

The app. officially launches in August 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia via iOS/ android and will expand to other areas in the near future. [CLICK HERE to follow @mobicutz on social for continual updates] Or visit:


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