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Say What Now?! Beyonce Goes Roller-Skating Over The Weekend!

Things that we tend to take for granted, may mean the MOST to others. Example being, NORMALCY!

A list celebrities such as Beyonce doesn’t have the liberty to just hang out at a ‘roller rink’ on a Friday night. Unless she decides to build a rink in her home of course. But we guess momma Bey said, “forget that!” 

On Friday, she and hubby Jay-Z were spotted at “World On Wheels” skating rink in Venice Beach, CA with eight [8] other friends just a little before midnight. Talk about being ‘spontaneous’ right?!

According to lovebscott.com:

“Beyonce left her VIP area and went straight to the rink to skate with the common fold. A source at the place told us that only lasted for a bit though, because her crew was getting hounded, so they shut the place down for a private skate around 12:30.”


A private skate JUST BECAUSE she’s Queen Bey!

Reports also suggest that Jay-Z didn’t put on skates at all, which is not surprising! A hardcore rapper who skates? NOT the look at all. Nonetheless, he was there to support his wife and mother of now three [3].

Check out the video footage above.

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