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Say What Now?! Former LHHNY Cast Member Peter Gunz Says That He Was Molested As A Child!

Over the past few months, MANY celebrities have been EXPOSED for sexually assaulting women/men years ago. Some [i.e. Russell Simmons, Matt Lauer] have even been asked to resign as a result!

Then you have celebs such as Terry Crew and now, Peter Gunz who ‘allege’ that they were taken advantage of! Peter even suggests that his childhood experience caused him to turn into the “abuser” at one point.

Via TheJasmineBrand.com, Peter made the following statement:

“I was molested by an older woman. She use to do some very inappropriate things to me. She put her mouth in [in]appropriate places. She made me scared to tell. When I got older, 14, 15– the girlfriend’s I had; I was pressuring them into hav[ing] sex. I felt like I took the abuse that I got, and put it on other people. I always will regret that. I was abused and I abused other people.”


If you’re a fan of the Love & Hip Hop franchise, then you’ve been able to witness some of Peter’s mental abuse and lack of monogamy when dealing with the mother[s] of his youngest children [Amina Pankey & Tara Wallace].

You guys ever heard the saying:

What’s done in the dark will soon come to the light?

Well it’s COMING for many right now!

Sexual assault/abuse of any kind is NEVER okay! If you know someone who wants to get help, check out the hotline below:



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