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She Did What?! Gayle King Wears A Pair Of Thongs As A Camisole On Air!

Yes, It’s True!

We read this story OVER and OVER again in shear disbelief! She did what? Where? and How?

If you tuned into CBS This Morning on Friday, March 3rd and you admired Gayle King’s fashion ensemble, you’d be surprised to know where the items originated.

Since it almost ‘feels’ like spring outside, Gayle graced us with beautiful spring colors like pink and purple while on air! But what shocked us the most is when we found out that her purple ‘cami’ was actually a pair of thong underwear!!!!

In a Instagram post she wrote:

“Fashion tip! Thong underwear which I HATE can be used as a Cami- just cut out the crotch! @therealadamsays approves! Swipe right to see creative use of panties….”

YES, all Gayle did was cut out the crotch area of the underwear and then she used them as a “halter-top” camisole under her pink low cut blouse!


Great fashion tip Gayle! However, Ladies please don’t start running around cutting up your underwear trying to make a fashion statement! 

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