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Singer Tyrese Explains “WHY” He Was Rushed To The Hospital [Video]

On Thursday night, singer Tyrese Gibson was rushed to the emergency room after experiencing extreme chest pains! Now it’s been no secret that Gibson is currently in the middle of a very BAD custody war with his ex-wife over their daughter Shayla Gibson.

Tyrese, who is now out of the hospital, took to social with the following to say:

“I went to the hospital because of anxiety. I was in the courtroom from 8 [am] to 4:30 [pm] and I’ve never been on a trial ever. And they didn’t tell me to bring waters, food and Gatorade because you be in there the whole time. So when that sh*t was over, I was feeling it.”


There’s currently a restraining order in place, so Tyrese can’t be around his ex, Norma Gibson or their daughter Shayla.

Check out the footage above.

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