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speaks during BookExpo 2017 at Javits Center on June 1, 2017 in New York City.

Sipping My Wine To Gabrielle Union’s, “We’re Going To Need More Wine!” [Lifestyle]

Written By Lifestyle Contributor: Shanique Bond [ @dopemynd]

“I choose my MOTHER-F*CKING self.”

-Gabrielle Union

As most should know, on October 17, 2017 Gabrielle Unions highly anticipated memoir, “We’re Going To Need More Wine” was released into all bookstores and online outlets. Looking for a good read?! We’ll this is definitely the book for you, because Gabby is spilling all amounts of tea like never before.

News of the book broke a few weeks ago when Mrs. Union-Wade admitted to having 8 or 9 miscarriages due to fertility issues during an interview. [Click HERE] She doesn’t shy away from the fact that she and her baller husband [Dwayne Wade] have no children together, though she helps to care for his 2 sons and nephew. A job which Gabby says is difficult right now in America.

During her interview with the ladies of “The View,” Gabrielle says that raising three black males today is challenging. She even re-counted a time where she had to “school” the boys following a common lapse in judgement.

She stated:

Her step sons were playing a game where they dunked a basketball in different strangers backyards and she immediately freaked out. Union states that she had to educate her sons about the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida. The kids were trespassing in people’s yards, which meant that they could have been hurt at anytime by someone claiming to “stand their ground.”

[Click HERE For The Clip]

Raising children isn’t the only focus of the actress’ book! She also opens up about being sexually assaulted at gun point when she was 19 years old; explaining that being sexually assaulted isn’t based on how provocative you’re dressed because she was assaulted when she was FULLY dressed.

This book is AMAZING and definitely thought provoking!

I commend Gabrielle Union for opening up to the world about her struggles and challenges, which is hard when the world views your life as PERFECT or GOALS!

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