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Stevie Wonder Set To Marry His Third Wife Tomeeka Bracy June 2017 In Jamaica!

“Though the odds are improbable. What do they know? For in romance, all true love needs is a chance.” -Stevie Wonder


Speaking of chances, the legend is gearing up for his third chance at love! According to reports, Stevie and his fiancee Tomeeka Bracy are scheduled to wed this summer [June, 17th] in Jamaica!

Tomeeka is the mother of Stevie’s two youngest children.

Stevie and Tomeeka will exchange vows in front of a star-studded celebrity guest list, as well as his 9 children, 7 of which come from past relationships: Aisha [42], Sophia Keita [39], Mumtaz [33], Kwame [28], Kailand [16], and Mandla [11]. We hear that his children will serve as the bridal party and groomsmen for the nuptials.

According to The Daily Mail, Stevie and Tomeeka will sign a prenuptial agreement prior to the wedding.

“Stevie, who has been blind from a young age, will sign the wedding papers using two fingerprints to ensure his vows are legally binding, whilst Tomeeka will go through the traditional process of penning her signature on the official certificate. The pair will reportedly enter a pre-nuptial agreement prior to their big day to secure their assets.”

Stevie and Tomeeka have been in a relationship for five years!

Congratulations is most certainly in order! Maybe he’s actually finally found his ‘ribbon in the sky.’ 

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