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STOP Underestimating The ‘NYX Cosmetic Line’

We have NO ill feelings toward MAC, Sephora, or any of the other MAJOR cosmetic line in writing this short article. In fact, we have one simple question?

Why do SOME have a problem with wearing the NYX Cosmetic Line?

Is it because….

  • Their prices are affordable


  • That, most of their products are sold in local hair stores

What is it? Because just as an FYI, if you pay attention to most makeup artists, then we’re pretty sure that you’ve noticed how they mix products [including NYX].

According to NYX execs:

“NYX started as a small company in May 1999, founded in Los Angeles. By 2014 the company said it’s products including blush and eye liner were sold in seventy countries, with yearly sales of $93 million.”

The company exes go on to say:

“Sales of NYX products increased during the economic slowdown in 2008, when consumers shopping for cosmetics at prices below those in high-end stores found similar NYX products at mass market outlets such as Sephora. In 2014 sales were $120 million.”

To date, you can not only find NYX products in your local hair stores and Sephora, but also in ULTA Beauty which carries top-end brands as well.

So the question remains…..

Why do some have a problem with wearing the NYX cosmetic line?

We’re unsure! But we’d like to advise you guys NOT to underestimate the line and it’s usefulness. We’ve known ‘skincare’ experts who’ve decided to use NYX products versus the leading brands, and they still have no complaints.

Honestly, most of the #TeamExclusive wears NYX [mixed with other brands].

And here’s some of our favorite products below!

Be sure to visit: nyxcosmetics.com to check out more products and make purchases.


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