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Hey Girl! LOVE Scares Me.

[1/17/2018] Hey Girl, Have you ever wanted to be loved so bad, yet your so afraid of what may come with it? That’s me! I’ve been single for quite some time, and I was perfectly okay with it. Why? Because I’d chosen to focus on other areas of my life …

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Lifestyle: “Never Press The Time Limit Of Success!”

Written By Lifestyle Contributor: Shanique Bond [ @dopemynd ] [1/15/2018] As I’m writing this blog, lyrics from Destiny’s Child’s “SURVIVOR” plays repetitively within my mind! “I’m not gon’ give up! I’m not gon’ stop! I’m gone work harder!” I believe in those words just as much as I believe in …

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Toya Wright Reveals The Name Of Her Baby Girl!

So were we the only ones whose jaw dropped yesterday after Toya Wright posted the picture from her maternity shoot! OMG! Stunning would be an understatement…. And she even recently revealed the name of baby girl No.2, who she shares with a boyfriend [who will remain nameless, because she wants …

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Hey Girl, I May Be Outgrowing My Friends!

[1/10/2018] Hey Girl, I’ve known my two best-friends since I was 8 years old, now we’re 21 years old. We’ve always celebrated birthdays together, special occasions, our families are close, etc… But I think I may be outgrowing them, and I don’t know how to tell them! Things that they …

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Hey Girl! I’m INSECURE And It’s Starting To Show!

[1/8/2018] Hey Girl, I never realized how insecure I am until recently. I mean, there’s been plenty of red signals, but things have certainly taken a turn for the worst. Kierra I critique almost EVERYTHING about myself! My hair is never good enough, the way clothing fits, my weight, there’s …

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