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Hey Girl! How Do You Get Over A Heartbreak?

12/27/2017 Hey Girl, I’ve been single for 1 year yet I’m still heartbroken over my past relationship. The only difference between NOW & THEN is that, I’m better at hiding my feelings. But there are times like today when I just want to cry. Dating? tried that. Sex? temporary pleasure. …

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[Lifestyle] “Work B4 Relationships”

Written By Lifestyle Contributor: Shanique Bond [ @dopemynd ] I’ve been single for almost 6 [six] years, and it’s NOT because I can’t find anyone; but because I’m not looking! My perception and/or expectations for relationships seem to be very different from the status quo. It’s my belief that I …

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Say It Ain’t So! Lauren London + Nipsey Hussle Calls It Quits!

DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! [Martin Voice] It seems like everyone’s been breaking up or getting a divorce lately! Latest victims….. Lauren London + Nipsey Hussle Before the Thanksgiving holiday, west coast rapper Nipsey Hussle released the following statement concerning his relationship with actress Lauren London: “Lauren London and I had a …

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Hey Girl! My Single Friend Just Don’t Understand…..

[11/10/2017] Hey Girl, I’ve been dating my current boyfriend for roughly two [2] years. In the beginning of our relationship everything was PERFECT, as things always are. However recently we’ve been arguing a lot, and NO he hasn’t cheated! You wouldn’t believe it, but most of our arguments stem from …

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[Lifestyle] Generational Differences! Women WILL Walk Away….

Entertainment/Lifestyle Contributor: Markita Folkes [ @markitamichel_ ] It’s a NEW generation! One where women don’t feel obligated to put up with BULLCRAP! From who? MEN! Your grand parents and great– grandparents typically celebrate 30+ years of marital bliss, and they often say: “You young people don’t know what it takes …

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