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Tamar Braxton Says She Will Always Love Vince!

Tamar Braxton says that she and Vince have been peaceful with each-other throughout the process of their divorce, and that they have to keep their son’s best interest at heart.

During her released statement, she says:

“I’m at peace. Vince and I are not fighting. I think people associate divorce with like, arguing and fighting and fighting and a lot of havoc, and that’s not where we are. We have our little boy. We just try to keep things as calm as we can.”

Watching Tamar and Vince grow through this divorce on the latest season of “Tamar & Vince” has been THEEEEE hardest thing to do, because family has always been important to them. And of course fans have taken to IG to express their sadness, but Tamar says that NO ONE knows what the future holds.

“Let me tell you something, when you love somebody you probably will always love them. That’s what I believe. Vince is a family member. It’s just unfortunate that things are where they are now, but you never know. We’ll see where Vince and I end up. Maybe we’ll do a show about how things are now that we’re not together. I think Vince and I have a lot of healing to do individually so we can come together if that’s in God’s plan.”

As always, we wish Vince & Tamar the best of luck!

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