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Taraji P. Henson Stars In “ACRIMONY” [Trailer]

Ever given your all to the one you loved, yet your relationship ends in ultimate betrayal?

Uhhhhh, YES!

Well meet Melinda [played by Taraji P. Henson], who decided to take matters into her own hands!

“Henson plays Melinda, a faithful lover who has been standing by her man, Robert (Lyriq Bent) since their days in college. After Robert gravely betrays Melinda, she is out for revenge.”

Yup, Tyler Perry seems to be back at it yet again!

And apparently, “Revenge is only the beginning!”

Without any doubt, we know that “ACRIMONY” will break records at the box office because every HURT woman will be dying to see what happens next.

[Check out the movies trailer above]

MARCH, 2018!

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