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The 5 Hottest Online Boutiques To Find Affordable/Stylish Swimwear!

When checking your Facebook newsfeed and you notice cheap boutiques being advertised, what do you do? 


Most click on the ad out of curiosity, however quickly become suspicious when they realize how cheap some of the products are. We automatically believe it’s a scam, when it NOT! [Well at least not always!] Those ads appear in the feed based on our recent internet searches, or based on what’s popular amongst our friends. Because right now, most of our friends are working out and eating healthy to achieve their desired “summer body”. They are working extremely hard to show it off on the beach in a stylish swim suit.

Unfortunately, shopping at some of the major retailers means that you’ll be spending quite a penny on a cute. Which is why MOST have turned to online retailers because they’re receiving quality product for a fraction of the cost.

And based on experience, here’s the top 5 online boutiques to shop for your 2017 swimsuit desires…..

No.1: Wish.com


Shop some of the hottest designs starting at just $5.00

No.2: Sammydress.com


With continual sales ranging from 43%-50% off, you can walk away with an entire swimsuit and cover up for less than $20.00

No.3: Zaful.com


Not only can you purchase a QUALITY bathing suit for under $20 buts Zaful seems to be heavily promoting their affiliate/ambassador program. So if you’re a fashion/travel blogger, the opportunity awaits…..

No.4: Zulilly.com


Even though we didn’t place Zulilly first, it’s definitely become our favorite. The quality of the products from this site is AMAZING!

When you feel like your purchase is a “steal”, then you’re in the right place!

No.5: Rosegal.com


We’ve honestly just started noticing Rosegal after many have ranted and raved about the online boutique. And even though we’ve never purchased anything from this site to date, they’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback regarding their products.

And did I mention that their bathing suits are HOT!!!!




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