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The 10 Products Celebrity Makeup Artists Can’t Do Their Jobs Without!


Ladies…. We all love a good “beat” nowadays! However, most of us can’t really achieve the face lift that we desire because (1) we don’t have the required products, and (2) because we aren’t professionals. So we turn to those who actually know what their doing! Makeup Artists!!!!

And we love the MUA’s who are always readily available for any member of #TeamExclusive

“Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face. Play with color, shapes, structure– it can transform you.”       Francois Nars

After polling 3 seasoned celebrity makeup artist, here’s the TOP 10 products that they can’t do their jobs without in 2017!

Product #1: Quality Makeup Brushes

What would Picasso be without his paint brushes? He sure wouldn’t be Picasso!

MUA’s invest in quality products, and makeup brushes are at the top of the list. There’s no point in having stacks of gorgeous makeup in your bag if you don’t have the right tools to apply such products with!

Makeup brushes can be quite expensive, so our suggestion is to invest in quality brushes at least once per year; because according to the experts, if you take the cheap route you’ll be purchasing brushes on a more frequent basis.

Product #2: Primer

As an MUA you must know the various skin types and what’s needed to ensure longer lasting makeup. Ironically, everyone we polled mentioned Becca’s ‘Ever Matte Poreless Primer’ for all sorts of skin types.

Becca primers retail price is normally $30 for a 40 ml and $15 for travel size. The product is known to keep skin in a ‘matte’ state for up to 12 hours, with proven results.

All Becca products can be brought at Sephora and Ulta locations, or online at the following link:


Product #3: Eyebrow Perfecter

The ‘eyebrow’ game has artistically grown quite serious over the past few years. Makeup artist suggest that eyebrows can be drawn via eyebrow pencils, liquid makeup, or even with mascara. Yes, we’ve actually seen individuals fill in their eyebrows with mascara prior to sculpting them.

Artists like Sierra of Sierra Cosmetics in Atlanta, Georgia, have even created their own product for eyebrows. Her products include: The Perfect Brow Kit, The Red Head Glam Brow Powder, Light Brown Glam Brow Powder, and Glam Dark Brown Filler [just to name a few].

For more information on her products, just visit the link below:


Product #4: The Perfect Makeup Blender

A key part of makeup application is ‘blending’ it properly! Some intend on blending with their finger, which is a BAD IDEA. Why? Because it leaves uneven makeup, which will look extremely ‘cakey’. The makeup blender’s job is to leave your application ‘streak-free’.

But here’s the misconception: Most believe that they must purchase the higher priced $20.00 blender from Sephora over the $5.00 blender at Five & Below. The polled MUA’s suggest that while you may get a little more usage out of the more expensive blender, however they BOTH seem to get the job done.

Product #5: Concealer

FYI: L.A. Pro’s Concealer for $2.99 is changing the game for ALL makeup artists and companies!!!

Concealers are used to alleviate imperfections! MUA’s use them to cover dark circles underneath the eyes, blemishes, age spots, birth marks, scars, etc….

It’s the job of a MUA to not only find the correct concealer for your skin type, but the correct color. Between those polled, the top rated concealers happen to be from MAC Cosmetics and L.A. Pro Girl. And most MUA’s have opted for L.A. Pro Girl because of it’s quality and cost.

You can purchase either one of the products at the links below:



Product #6: Foundation

Foundation is used to create an even, uniform color to the complexion. According to the 3 polled makeup artist, many have opted to use both liquid and powder forms for extra protection. However, skin care experts suggest you use one over the other NOT both at the same time. They say continual use of BOTH causes the pores to clog, which in return creates acne and other skin issues.

Similar to other products, it’s the job of the artist to find the foundation that matches the skin tone and skin type.

Below are a few ‘fan’ favorites for foundation:




Product #7: All-In-One Makeup Palette

The perfect ‘eyeshadow’ combination can really brighten up the overall look of your makeup application. While most don’t necessarily like eyeshadow, makeup artist find it crucial for creating different styles for their clients based on the occasion.

The best place to purchase a quality makeup palette at an affordable price would be through BH Cosmetics at the link below:


Product #8: Eye Lashes

Eyelashes ALWAYS have to be apart of the finishing product! They embellish EVERYTHING!

All of the polled makeup artist say that they buy lashes in bulk, and charge clients $5.00 or more extra for application. However, most also agreed that 95% of their clientele seems to be paying for the individual “mink lashes” which are less heavier, looks natural, and last longer.

Product #9: Mineralize “GLOW” Skin Finish

There’s something about this product that has ALL makeup artist snatching it off of shelves at a continuous and rapid rate!

Maybe it’s because it’s purpose is to highlight natural facial features [i.e. cheek bones].

While this product is sold at both MAC Cosmetics and Sephora Cosmetics, many seem to like the MAC brand much better.

You can purchase either product at the links below:



Product #10: Finishing Spray

Finishing spray is the “glue” that keeps the finished product together for a certain period of time!

There are several different finishing sprays being produced by companies on a daily basis, however only a select few actually work. The most common one was produced by “Urban Decay”, and caters to ALL skin types.

Urban Decay’s finishing spray can be purchased at the link below:


Overall, ALL artist agree that without these MAJOR products they wouldn’t be able to create the perfect ‘BEATZ’ for their celebrity clientele.






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